I know you'll feel safer in the hands of an excellent team. That is why I have partnered with some of the best in the industry. Each one of them has years of experience in a dynamic, demanding market and are dedicated to assisting our clients achieve their aspirations at all costs. - meet our team of professionals.

Sudesh Kaka
Innovation Partner

The Voice of Innovation ...

Sudesh is an accomplished business growth expert who is educated in Accounting, an expert in Innovation and Sales and International Business
Sudesh just loves challenging the status quo and continues to challenging individuals and organizations to think beyond their current Circumstance.

Hassan Balix
Smooth Operator

Hassan is the reason for your peace of mind during the sessions. He is responsible for the smooth flow of all the seminars, trainings, and any other events.

A master of his craft, he has innovated better ways of managing the unseen back-end processes.

Jennifer Mwangangi
Wellness & Nutirition

Jennifer is a certified wellness coach and also a founder of Licial Wellness. Jennifer is passionate about helping employers offer their employees easy effective ways to get healthy and improve their performance.

Jennifer also works with individual clients especially women entrepreneurs to have more success in their businesses by increasing their energy through radically altering their nutrition
and lifestyle. (She is a tough master when it comes to nutrition discipline)

Helen Nakame
Fire Captain

Helen is responsible for  all the fire walking sessions. She has conducted fire walks for over 800 people. She is an internationally certified fire walking instructor and the most experienced on the continent

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