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How to Connect with Your Audience at a much Deeper Level

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

Many times you watch a presenter come on, he does a presentation for 1 hour but after only 20 minutes, he's lost half of the audience. You can clearly tell they are not engaged with the audience at all. It's about me, myself and I . At the end of the presentation, people are like "thank you and give a lukewarm applause".

Why? One of the reasons is, presenters forget that they have to work on how to connect with their audience.

I am going to share with you how to connect with your audience deeply so that, you can be able to serve them.

Presenting and using your stories is always about service, nothing else.

This is a frame work we share at the World Class Speakers event to help you to be the best that you can be when you get on stage.

1. Study your audience.

Study your audience like your life depends on it. There is nothing as annoying as a presenter who comes on stage and, you can clearly tell they didn't do their homework. Personally I have been in positions where I have not done enough homework, I get on stage, I say certain things and all of a sudden, I lose the audience and I have to work 10 times harder to get them back.

If you don't have the experience, you lose them and that's it. When I do my homework, I study them and I know what they are about, I can do whatever I want and, I'll still get great feedback. So, study them and do your homework.

2. Find out about your audience.

Find out; who are these guys? what are they about? what is the age range? what is important to them? what do they care about? what is it that really resonates with them? Ask yourself a question, "what do they know about my material?" Knowing your material is not enough, you have to go a little bit deeper. You've got to know these guys a bit more.

Are there some universal truths that you share? Find out those universal truths so that it will help you when you are crafting your presentation to be able to serve them the right way. It is always about seeking to understand before you can influence because you can't influence people unless you have taken time to understand them.

3. Find out what their wants and needs.

What are those things that they really want and what are those things that they really need? Sometimes people say, we want this. You go in and you give them that and then, give them what they also need. Why? Your job is to be of service 110% all the time. Find out what their pains are, what is it that keeps them awake and what is it that bothers them. When you find that out, you will find a way in your presentation to give them a solution to their pains. Find out where their biggest challenges are.

4. What is special about this group.

Ask yourself or, call the person who invited you and ask, "what's so special about this group, what must I know”, this helps you to be able to craft your message to know that, you got to handle them in a certain way.

5. What are their feelings about me and my topic?

Find out from the guy who called you or, whoever gave you the job, "what are their feelings about me and my topic?" Knowing this, will help you to be able to say, this is how am going to go in. Are they skeptical or do they love it. Be aware of all that stuff.

6. What examples would they appreciate?

Think about it, what examples would these guys appreciate and, include them in your presentation then all of a sudden, your audience will feel you are connecting with them because, you have done your homework.

7. What will I do to inspire them to take action.

What are the things I need to add in my presentation so that my audience will be inspired to take action.

Remember Speakers are Broke while Trainers make Money.

Why? Trainers help you to step up, be inspired and do what you have to do.

8. What do they have in common with me.

This will help you crack jokes. There is nothing as great as knowing what they know about cracking jokes that they will get and, you will get then, you break ice and all of a sudden, the presentation begins to flow because that is what you want.

9. Find out if they have been drinking alcohol.

Try and speak to people who have just had a bad presentation from their Managing director telling them, how they did not do well and then, you go in and you want to inspire them, it's not easy. However, if you know it then you know, am going to start off here and then maybe drive them towards knowing, it's not good now but we can make it better. Then you build your presentation like that. If you know people have been taking alcohol, you prepare accordingly.

10. Find out, are they there mandatory or voluntarily

Have they been told you got to go or have they come voluntarily? Knowing that helps you to really be able to engage with them wherever there at because you know.

11. Always ask, how can I deliver beyond expectation.

How can I deliver more than they expected because in doing that, you will be putting yourself in the higher level of the kind of people whose voice changes everything in the world.


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