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How to Deal with Uhms, Ahhhs, You knows during your Presentation

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

Here’s what world class speakers do to deal with some of the challenges that you might find on stage. How to deal with your ahs, ums and you knows because those you knows, ums, you see, kind of spoil your presentation.

So, How do you deal with those? 

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1. Always take time to prepare more than anybody else.

It doesn't matter if you are preparing for a 5-minute presentation, you have to prepare for 20 minutes. If you are preparing for a 1-hour presentation, you have to prepare for 3 hours, why? Always being better prepared will prevent the ahs, ums and you knows because you are in the flow, you know your stuff and you have practiced enough.

2. Practice it out a loud.

Get a mock audience and practice out load the parts where you might kind of struggle a little bit. Learn to be your greatest listener as well because when you are practicing, you need to be the most alert person when you are training or speaking, why? You need to listen to what you are saying therefore you will flow better.

3. Pause

Silence is golden. There is nothing as beautiful as being on stage, your flowing and then you deliver a great point. At that stage where you might lose your flow, just pause and take a deep breath. In the world class public speaking training, we call it going back into expanded awareness, regathering yourself and then being able to connect again.

Take your time and pause. You don't have to rush through because you’re not being paid by the word. Take your time, pause and then recollect yourself. Go back and say, what was I supposed to do today, what are the main points, where was I and then get back into it. By the way, most of the time the audience will not realize that you are pausing because you have forgotten what you had to say, no. They might think, wow, what a great presenter, he/her is so collected.

4. know your stuff better than anybody else.

Prepare. Most of the time that people lose it on stage is because they haven't prepared enough. They go and take much more time doing other things than preparing for a presentation. If it is important for you, prepare for it so when you get on stage, you know your stage, your flowing and doing what you have to do.

5. Take a break to take a glass of water.

This lets everybody know we are now transitioning to the next part and, it gives everybody permission to relax a little bit. Great presenters will stop and take a glass of water because they are recollecting themselves, but they are also sending a message to the audience, it’s okay. We can relax but also prepare for the next part of the presentation.

6. Increase your connection with your audience.

Ask questions, ask what their names are and connect with them. Find out who they are, get some names or crack some jokes. In doing that, it will get you to relax more most importantly, the ums, ahs and you knows will disappear before you know it.

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