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How to get the audience hooked to your presentation till the End

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

What can you do to have your audience hooked onto your presentation until the end? Human beings are so distracted at the moment that if you are a presenter who doesn’t find a quick way to hook them up at the beginning of the presentation, then you've got a big challenge. Because, you are going to have to work a little harder to get them to listen to you for a start. You have to be able to hook your audience at the beginning and, there are 3 phrases I want you to use as you start your presentations, in the middle and at the end. If you use them, you’ll be charming and the audience will listen to you like crazy.

1. Use the Phrase “So that you”

For example, today I am going to speak to you about ... "so that you too can be able to achieve what I have achieved."

This phrase is fantastic and you can start off your presentation like, “Hey, am here today to talk about say 'how to look after your body so that you can feel good and be able to have stamina to sustain the message”.

2. Use the Phrase “What this means to you is or What this means for you is”

You could come and teach a concept and then say, “the reason I am teaching this or, this is why this is important to you or, what this means is that you too can be able to build a multi-million dollar business if you do this.

3. Use the Phrase “The reason this is important is”

Because if you learn these four principles of high performance, then you’ll be able to… The reason this is important is because, I have seen that when people apply it in their lives, they not only go on to be great speakers but, they go on to be great trainers, leave a good life and make a difference that they have always wanted to make in their lives.


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