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How to Keep a Tired Audience Alert

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

Have you been in a place where you go for a training or a session and people have just finished their lunch. Some audiences really have heavy lunch and by 2 or 3 O Clock, the energy levels are really down. At times I walk through these hotels and, you spot a presenter with this big complicated spread sheet I mean it’s 2:30 pm, the audience has tables in front of them and you can clearly tell 90% of them are not getting it. This is because they are tired, have just eaten and the entire blood system is trying to digest all the stuff they ate.

So, what can you do to get a tired audience up, alive and alert. What can you do to get the energy going? Remember, afternoons can be a little bit hard.

Here are 7 steps you can use to keep people alert even with a full tummy……


Get your audience to dance. When you start a session, get your audience to stand up and say, “you know what guys, we have just had lunch and have probably eaten a little bit more. Let us get up and dance”. This will definitely get the energy up.

Pair them up with strangers

Ask your audience, “we have just done a session on say the 5 ways to start a business. Before we go to the next stage, stand up, go find a stranger somewhere and share with them what you have learnt”. This will get them moving, it will get some adrenaline moving and the alertness will come back.

Let them tell the story

There’s nothing as powerful as storytelling. If you want to go beyond just being a speaker to a trainer, you must tell stories. There is so many ways you could start a story, you get to a stage in the story where it is obvious what could have happened next and then you say, “guess what happened next or, can you think about what happened next or, think about what could happen next”. Let the audience tell the story and let them be part of it. This means that, they have to remain alert because anytime you are going to go to them.

Get creative

Get creative with your presentation. Get your audience to get up, move or to stand. It has been said, "no one has ever been called unprofessional for being interesting." So, do crazy stuff. There is a segment in our World Class Speakers Training which is called 'the personification drill' where, we get you out of your comfort zone. One of the things that makes this course one of the best on this planet is, you have no choice but to get out and be yourself. You can’t hide behind nothing. When we do personification drill, people come alive and become themselves because they are being creative.

Get out of your way

Remember, you are not the most important person in the room. So, get out of your way and allow people to contribute. Get out of your way of trying to be important and/or liked, but be there to serve and to help people go to the next level. This means, you have to be authentic to be able to help them to do that.

Share the stage

Get people up and doing role plays. When we do customer service training, the best part that everybody remembers is when we do a role play. For example, when we demonstrate how to deal with an angry customer or, how to deliver great service or, how to do your elevator pitch, most of the time people will remember the role plays.

Always get people to come up and enjoy and before you know it, your audience picks it up and they are alert therefore, you are serving the way you are supposed to.

When you come to present, it’s not just about you coming to spill out your stuff. It’s about engagement and making sure people get it most importantly, allow them to be teachers once in a while.

Don’t do the recap yourself, get somebody to come and do the recap. Don’t be the guy who does everything all the time. Get them to teach, to be part of it and to tell the story, before you know it, you would have done your job by raising your voice and changing everything.


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