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How to Prepare for a Very Important Presentation

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

You are about to learn how world class speakers prepare. Everybody has got a different way of preparing but there are certain fundamentals you have got to have when you are beginning to prepare.

Always make sure that your “why” is deep.

Before a presentation, you must sit down and say, “why am I going to do this presentation.” Because, this is the beginning of everything. Why are you going to do this presentation or why do people need to listen to you. When you get that right and it’s deep, it anchors you and everything else springs off from there.


The more relaxed you are, the better you are going to be able to connect and the better your audience will also relax. If you are tense on stage, somehow you pass on the tension to the people in the audience. So, relax on stage and know that, this is the presentation where you are going to do your best.

Know your core message at heart.

What are the 3 take aways from your message? What are the top 3 things your audience must take a way? Write these 3 things down. When you have these then your presentation starts to take shape because you have your core 3 things. Where you say, “even if I am cut short, these 3 things would have been passed on to the audience and, I would have done my job”.

Learn to prepare using large notes.

Get an opportunity to write big large notes and only print out pointers. You write your big pointer like on a power point, then have the rest of your information in your mind. You know what you are going to talk about and, that’s why it’s important to have your why. It will help you to be able to fill in the gaps.

So, prepare big notes where you know, this reminds me to teach/talk about this. Personally, I can have 3 points and I will do a 2 hours’ presentation with just those 3 points. So, get to prepare your large notes.


One of the greatest things I have learnt as a World Class Speaker is, you have to learn to visualize. Visualize yourself giving a great presentation, visualize yourself from start to end, visualize a round of applause and visualize every bit of the presentation. See your movement and how you are going to ask questions.

I always tell people, when you ask the universe of something, somehow it complies and gets together to support you.

Practice out loud

If you are just starting, practice out loud. Get a room, go through your 3 big points, rehearse, speak out loud, listen to yourself and if you have a recorder, listen to yourself. Listen to your gut feeling. If you don’t like the voice, change it. Do what you have to do but, practice out loud often especially the opening and closing. Actually over rehearse those two. Because when opening, you hook and the closing you round it off so that people leave empowered and energized to go do what they have to.

Go early to the room and mark it

Go to the room and walk around it. Personally I like to go early preferably the night before. I walk around the room and feel it so that the next day when I come in to present, I feel am part of the room. You could also do the same, go early and mark the room.

Minimize the use of notes.

Most of the time, a presenter will have this little paper in front of them and they are constantly looking down on their notes. Every time you look down on your notes, you are breaking the connection and rapport with your audience. If this happens 2 or 4 or 10 times in 1-hour guess what, you have to reconnect with your audience again. In the end, you’ll become boring and you won’t have impact. So, just have 3 big points on big notes and know that those are the points you are covering.

Practice what it would take from a timing point of view.

Personally I can teach the same lesson in 2 hours or in half an hour depending on the circumstances. I know where I need to speed it up and where I need to compress it. If it is your 1st presentation, go through it, time it and say, “okay, how long does it take me to do this segment?” Start your clock, do the segment and check how long so that when you get on stage, you’re not surprised. Most importantly you know that if there anything changes along the way, you are ready and prepared.

I always tell people, always over prepare for any presentation you’re going to do.

Have more information than you need and be the most prepared person in that room because the last thing you want is somebody to ask you questions and you don’t know or you’re ill prepared. Then you’ll lose credibility and everything that you would have started with.

Get a good night sleep.

Find a place where you can really get some real rest. Personally when am doing longer trainings, I like to stay at a hotel near to the training room and I ensure I have a good night sleep. I make sure I go to bed early and prepare myself because the next day, I want to be on fire, be able to serve and be vibrant. When am that way, I will be able to serve my audience better and they’ll be able to get more.

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