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How to Present with Passion

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

Have you gone to a presentation where the presenter has great content, but is so cold and boring? You look around and people are on their phones and not engaged at all because, the presenter is presenting without passion.

I want to share with you five little tips on how to present with passion.

Below is the Full Transcript.

You must believe in the message.

When you believe in your message and you love your subject, naturally you’re going to be passionate about it. If you attempt to get out and speak about something that you don’t believe in, it’s not going to work and people can tell because, you are not passionate about it. That’s why so many people go around saying, " I want to become a public speaker" but they don’t last because, they don’t have that belief in the message. When I say "Your Voice Changes Everything" I mean it. Your story, the way you use your voice to change the story will be what changes everything.

Emotion equals motion.

When you are giving any speech, it doesn’t matter where you are, but great presenters move. They find a way to not just move you by their words but move physically on stage. And this is where they take it to another level, they move you with their tonality. Motion plus emotion takes you to the next level. Find a way to move people using your voice and tonality. You could tell them stories, you could tell them something that's so sad or, you could pick the up and say, "come on you could do this". Say what you say with passion.

Emphasize important areas

Go through your presentation and find those areas where you can put emphasis and add a little bit more emotion into it. During a presentation, there places where you're going to make a point or where you have to emphasize something, those are places where you have to inject more passion. Where you will have to stop, take it slow and make sure that people really get what you want them to get.


There is nothing as powerful as a story. World class speakers' training is about your voice changing your life, your voice telling your story, your voice taking you to the next level and your voice becoming what elevates you to go to the next level. That means, telling your story better than anybody else, using your story to create magic and to inspire people. You must always have stories that take people on a journey. Use stories to be able to emphasize a point because the subconscious mind loves stories, then your passion will come through them. Nobody knows your stories better than you. When you're telling your stories on stage, everybody is going to listen because it is your story and you know it better and, you'll tell it better most importantly, you'll be relaxed about it.

Challenge yourself to be better than you were before.

The last presentation you made ask yourself, “how can I be better than I was in the last presentation”. Then challenge your audience to step up. If you want to create passion, always challenge your audience to step up.


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