How to Deal with Self-doubt and Execute on your GOALS

May 18, 2017



Self-doubt has prevented a lot of great men and women from ever shinning and being who they are. Many people never ever get to express themselves and bring out the best ideas they have. It produces people who never leave up to their full potential.


How many times have you thought of a good idea and then doubt kicks in? How many times have you wanted to start a business and then you don’t? I don’t know what you are up to today. However, stop this doubt. Remember, it’s the brave people, the ones that get out there that win the battle. And there is never a perfect moment. You just got to start because there will never be a time where it’s perfect and you are totally ready.


Believe in yourself. Have the belief that if it is humanly possible, then it is possible for you. Believe that you can get things done. Have faith in whatever you want to do because it will happen. Have the faith to keep moving, however tough things get.

Remember, 2017 has got to be the best year ever and it’s you and me to make it happen. So, face your doubts and win.


Watch the video above for the full lesson so that you can achieve success this year through overcoming your doubts.

Momentum series 5!


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The following is the full transcript of this fifth episode of the momentum series on How to deal with self-doubt and delay to achieve your goals with Coach Phill. Please note that this episode, like all the other momentum series features Coach Phill speaking extemporaneously.



This has got to be the year where you step up and make things happen. What are those things we need to look at to make a difference? What are those things we need to be aware of? I want us to, discuss one of the biggest challenges you are going to find on your way to making 2017 a better year, what we call the inner villain. It has been said that, the people who master the internal world are the people who master the external world. People who are really making it happen have mastered their inner world, because the inner world reflects the outer world.


Let’s talk about that monster which we call the 3 headed monster inside of you that prevents you from, creating the momentum and moving as fast as you should. We will call this monster the inner villain. It has got 3 heads, which are preventing you from moving. We are going to name them the defiant heads. The heads are what is keeping us and preventing a lot of us from doing what we have to do. And I want you to just be aware of them. You might be the kind of person who has conquered these heads and you are moving at a high pace.


I want us to discuss them and look at some ideas of how we can conquer them so we can continue the momentum.

Remember, the momentum series is about moving, it’s about getting to where we need to get because, 2017 has got to be epic.


1. The villain of doubt.

This particular villain on the inside is what has prevented a lot of great men and women from ever shinning and being who they are. This is one that has taken control of a lot of good ideas that people have had and they never ever get to express them. Then all of a sudden, they see somebody doing it and they are like, I wanted to do that, why? They didn’t do it because of doubt. Doubt is what produces the people who never leave up to their full potential. It causes stress. It is ever present and it is always there.

You want to do something and then the doubt falls up, maybe I can, maybe I don’t have the ability or maybe I don’t have the tools. How many times have you wanted to do something and then all of a sudden you get doubtful. How many times have you thought of a great idea and then the doubt kicks in of, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the ideas and I don’t have the knowledge? Before you know it, 2 years down the road you see the idea and you are like, that was my idea.

How many times have you wanted to do something or to start a business and then you don’t. 20 years later you still want to start that business because of doubt. When is now a good time to say, I have become aware of you villain, I know what you are about, I know what you are up to and today, it is time to stop this doubt. You have had, it is not the cowards who win the wars. It is the people who get out there, the brave people who believe regardless, we will get out there and win the battle.

It is not in our excuses in life that we end up living the life that we ought to live.

One of the things that I always ask, especially parents, if you continue to be doubtful for the rest of your life, you’re never going to do anything big. But remember that, your children and certain people in your family look at you as a role model. What picture are you leaving for them? What do you want them to role model from you? Think about it. Doubt is just an opportunity to excuse yourself from doing what you have to do. The one that has taken over is preventing you from mastering what you must master, to do what you ought to do.

So, to prevent the self-sabotage and not doing what you ought to do. Just stop and ask yourself, where have I been doubtful in my life and what have I doubted. My first seminar I had 3 people. Can you imagine the doubt I had after that? In terms of, my abilities, whether, I was doing the right thing, it was going to work. I had left behind a family for this. I would have missed this opportunity to share with you if I had allowed doubt then.

Remember, there is never a perfect moment. There is never where things are going to be perfect, never. You just got to start. What are you doubtful of right now? I want you to think about your desires and what you are ready to do. Because, there will never be a time where it’s perfect and you are totally ready. It is impossible.

How do you deal with doubt?

Think about all the greatest inventions in the world today and all the things that you have achieved in your life to date. If you were doubtful, would you have? How about the guys that created an aeroplane? The one thing that helps you deal with doubt is faith.

One of the greatest things you could ever take into your system is to know and believe that you will figure things out.

Have the faith that, if I don’t know it now, I will figure it out. I have the belief that, if anything is humanly possible then, it is possible for you. Without that belief, then it becomes hard for you to even live a good life, why? Because you don’t believe that you can get things done. Just have faith in whatever you want to do because it will happen.

Do you have the faith to keep going? Things might be getting tougher, there is more demands on your time, you have a lot going on and you have had a few failures here and there. Now is the time to be faithful to say, I am going to figure this out and I am going to do whatever it takes to learn something. To faith, add the element of time. Be patient with yourself, you will figure it out.


2. The villain of delay.

Delay has killed so many dreams. It's unbelievable. Destiny belongs to those who, act, do whatever they have to do. Destiny is what you must do. Dealing with delay has got everything to do with you deciding that there is, a bigger destiny, something much more important for you. Then when you take action and deal with delay, the reward is success. Your job is not to get stuck and start to feel sorry for yourself and begin to play that story in your head.

Delay in my opinion, has killed person's ability to live life. Everything and every idea that never was activated was because of, delay. Waiting for the right, moment, time and idea.

How do you deal with delay?

The only way to deal with delay is to, take action and take unconditional action of even the smallest steps. You decide on something and begin moving. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Whatever it is, deal with the delay. Because, it is responsible for a lot of dead dreams and people leaving this world without ever living a purpose. Why? They tend to wait for the right moment.

Let us take some action and do what we have to do so that, we can create that momentum to make 2017 more epic.


3. The villain of division.

Division is where you think you are different. It’s where your ego flairs up so much that, you don’t think you can do it with somebody else. You have a little bit of what we call anti-social venom. Where you think other people don’t understand you and you do things on your own. It’s where you are a little bit too judgmental of almost everything. You have a negative opinion on everything that comes up and most of it is a lie. And we tend to justify why we need to be like that.

When you think you are more special, do you think you are the first one in this world? Do you realize that, we are all on the same journey and path? The division will prevent you from moving faster on your dreams and on what you need to do simply because, you’re caught up with the wrong story. All of us are on the same journey and we all want to do something for ourselves and for our lives. If you think you are more special than everybody else, that villain is what is preventing you from moving faster, why? You will not open yourself up to, ideas and people bringing in some great stuff to input, morale boost you and give you the off that you need to go to the next level.

The new world is about, reaching out, being part of a big family and doing things. You got to connect and, find ways of doing things that amplify you and other people. There is no other way to succeed unless you are working with other people. If you have been caught up in your own little cocoon doing what you think is only for you, I am asking you to, open up a little bit and get out. See who you can lift up and get the ego out of the way. Open up your heart and unconditionally allow to love so that, you can attract the right things into your life to be able to, get the results of the mission. It's just a little bit more of love and intensity of doing things deliberately.

How to deal with division?

Unconditionally love. Division, it's all about me. I am special. Yes, you are special, but, for the purpose of your vision, mission, allow yourself to open up and deliberately love unconditionally. Allow yourself to say, alone, I can go so far, together we can conquer the world. Then you would have found a way to get rid of division.

Give yourself permission to love and to get out and serve. You will be surprised how you begin to break down all those barriers. All of a sudden, you will see yourself beginning to, get things done, attract help and getting the people who will serve and put fuel into your dream. Before you know it, you are ready to go.

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