How to Guarantee Success this Year

May 18, 2017


The time you spend being distracted takes you away from your mission and big goals. If this year you decided to achieve certain things, go for them and say NO to everything else that is a distraction.

If something has not been on your radar, it is not something that you decided, you must learn to say NO. This year discipline yourself to achieve all your goals.

Become more aware of time wasters because, every time you are doing something and you are distracted, by the time you come back it takes you a lot more time to concentrate again.


 Watch the video above for the full lesson on How to say NO to Distractions

#Momentum series 4!


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The following is the full transcript of this fourth episode of the momentum series on "How to Stay on Course and Guarantee Your Success" by saying NO to distractions with Coach Phill. Please note that this episode, like all the other momentum series features Coach Phill speaking extemporaneously.


How to say NO to distractions

How will decide what to do and what not to do? This is going to be one of those sessions which might be a little bit difficult for some of you and it has been difficult for me as well. It is one that you and I have to consistently work on. WHY? ... It will determine whether you achieve what you have to achieve in 2017, are going to remain on course and are doing what needs to be done going forward. You've got to be able to decide.


It is known that, the time you spend being distracted, takes you away from your mission and big goals. You must decide that, this is my mission, these are my priorities and am going for it, everything else is just a distraction and you must appreciate that. If you have decided that in 2017 this is, my number one goal, what am going to go for, you should be saying a lot more NO's to everything else. I have been a victim as well, I don’t know about you.


Along the years and time, I have been in situations where you are doing something and then all these temptations are thrown at you. You have picked a direction you want to go, but somebody comes and says, there is a lot of money in dot com, why don’t you open up a website? Then, as you are getting off your path and trying to do that, somebody else comes and says you got to start doing stock marketing, guess what? You end up not being able to master one thing and trying to do everything else.


If it is something that has not been on your radar, it is not something that you decided, you must learn to say NO.


There are certain things that we cannot allow to stop us. From last year and the years before, maybe, you are the kind of person, you are doing something and then, there is this distraction here, there is the other distraction there and, it takes you away from your goal. It takes you away from your biggest mission and because of that, you have fallen short of what you could do. You have fallen short of your dreams, of achieving those big things that ultimately give you life's purpose. You must learn that, unless you focus on what is true for you and give it 110%, then, the real results are not going to come. And this is where you have to become a little bit tougher. Tougher on you and tougher on the other people who want to take you away from your vision and from what it is you have decided to do.


Helping somebody else is not a problem, my mission is to make a difference, to help as many entrepreneurs to become multi-Millionaires. In that mission, everything is about being of service and doing whatever it takes. That means, You have got to say no to a lot more things that could come along the way in terms of distraction.


By the way, helping everyone else is actually taking you away from your dream, taking you away from that big mission. The one that will ultimately give you the biggest leverage in making you a difference in the world. So, think about it. Every time you go away off your mission because somebody is snatching your time, somebody is taking away your precious time of creativeness, concentration, coming up with things, that person is robbing you, of your goal and ultimate success. So, am here to say that, how about this year you say am going to find a way to make sure that I am doing the important things and am staying on course. This means, you have to be a little bit selfish, the people you love are going to have to deal with some of this stuff.

I have children as well and yes, they have to learn there is time for work, concentration.


You have got to discipline yourself to achieve those goals.


You are a dad or mum, train your children to also know there is a time for work and play. There is a time for everything because, guess what? If you get off your mission consistently, you will never achieve those goals. Are you being a good role model for your kids? Will you be able to provide the kind of education? Will you be able to provide what it is they will desire? What kind of example will you leave with them? If you are the kind of person who never went to the next level of being a great example to them, a person who had the audacity to work hard, who stayed with the course. These little things that come up and take you off your dream are actually worse than not even having a dream.


When I was studying this to come and present to you, the guys who are making it happen in this world, they are extremely focused and self-fish about their time but also, they don’t waste their time on small things. One guy said that, he has spent 5 years without ever going to the supermarket. Then he broke it down, the amount of time you spend going and doing all these little things which take you away from your mission, it's amazing. He said, you could have accomplished so much. In every 90 days, you could be able to do something. He gave an example, they turned around a company that does 1billion dollar sales in 90 days and they turned it around. So, what you could achieve in 100days if you concentrated who knows.

You got to start becoming much more aware of the time vampires because, every time you are doing something and then you are distracted, by the time you come back it takes you a lot more time to come back and concentrate.Have you ever thought about that?


So, if you have too many distractions during the day, guess what? You are wasting too much time staying away from your best work of creativeness. I like to work very much in the morning. I like to wake up and do what I got to do. During that time, there's less distraction, but, am also now becoming much stricter and yes, it's not nice, but I got to be selfish for the rest of the people. I got to be self-fish so that I can serve you and my team.

Imagine if, I had to make this video for you and then somebody came in and took my time away, then, I would not be serving you, then I would have been taken away from what my life's purpose.


The people who are prosperous, have decided they will not spend and waste time on small things. Most of what comes in is distracting, but this is what was interesting, did you know that all the top guys have decided that they will only spend time on the big things. For example, Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Obama. Those guys don’t choose what they are going to wear, it was chosen for them long time ago. They already know. They don’t waste a mind to decide what they are going to put on.


The momentum multiplier framework

I want to share with you a framework which can help you to decide what you do so that, you can keep in line with what you want to achieve, you can do what you have to do to ensure that, 2017 becomes epic. Remember, when we started to pick one thing and go for it one of the ways to remain is to use what we call the momentum multiplier framework.



It might not be, easy for some of you, easy that am telling you that you going to have to be a little bit tougher but, you will reward yourself much more. You will be much happier when, you achieve the goals that you ought to achieve because, you have done what you must do and remained on course for your mission. If you do what you have to do then, everybody else will be better off because you stepped up, you said no to all these things so that you could do this particular mission and this is why we are celebrating now.  Because you are true to yourself.


Every time you go away and try to help everybody, you’re not being true to yourself and that mentality is what causes most of the pain in the world.


So, my cry today is, you got to say no a lot more, you got to say no to the things that don’t really fall in line with your mission, purpose in life and with the momentum multiplier. This is what I want us to talk about and use it and see how it helps you going forward. 

You got to be tough on people, you got to be able to hold people accountable so that they can step up. Remember, it's about inspiring greatness in other people, holding them accountable is a good thing.


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