How to Stay Focused

May 18, 2017


To achieve our goals this year, we must make sure we remain focused and steadfast. We have got to do whatever it takes to remain focused so that, we can create momentum to achieve our goals and make 2017 epic. Consider these principles on how you can remain focused.

  • The Power of Clarity.

Clarity is power. When you your mission in life is clear to you and you know what you are about, then it will be easy for you to remain focused.

  • Pick One Thing and One Thing Alone.

Some people have over 10 things going on. You are better off doing one thing extremely well than doing 10 things averagely bad. Pick one thing and be excellent at it.

  • Say No to Everything Else.

When you begin to concentrate on what you love, distractions will come your way. Learn to say no to everything if you want to remain focused. And if your mission is important, you will say no to other things.

  • Eliminate Distractions.

Eliminate everything else that takes you away from your particular mission. Learn to deal with distractions like your phone, other people if you want to get to the next level. You will achieve much more if you concentrate.

  • Manage Time.

It’s not about managing time, it’s about your self-discipline. Have the self-discipline to do what you said you would do. This will help you to remain focused on your goals.


Watch the video above for the full lesson on how to stay focused on achieving your goals this year #Momentum Series 8!


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The following is the full transcript of this eighth episode of the momentum series on how to stay focused with Coach Phill. Please note that this episode, like all the other momentum series features Coach Phill speaking extemporaneously.


How to Stay Focused on Achieving your GOALS.

Today I want to talk to you about how to stay focused. Remember, this year we are going to do whatever it takes to make sure that we achieve our goals. So, how are you going to remain focused, what are you going to have to do to remain focused? Because in this world today, one of our greatest challenges is focus and to remain on course. Is to say, with all the distractions and everything that is going on, I am going to remain focused. You got to stay focused and do whatever it takes to make sure that you remain focused so that, you can create the momentum to make sure you achieve and make 2017 an epic year.

I want to share with you some principles that are going to help you stay focused.  These are principles not only do I use, but also guys who are out there killing it at a high level, who are making sure things happen. They are tremendously focused.

1. The power of clarity.

There certain things am going to say over and over again and where ever you go, you will find that they are principles which do not change like clarity of mission. The clarity of what your mission is in life will help you to remain focused. The people who are easily distracted are people who do not have a clear picture of where they are going. They don’t have a clear picture of what they must achieve.

I believe that clarity is power. When you have it sorted out, when you know that this is what am about and your mission in life is clear. It is engaging, it makes you anxious, it excites you, it gives you fear, but also, you feel like if not why not. If it is that kind of goal and mission that you are sure and clear about it then, it is easy to remain focused. Because everything that comes in, you are always asking yourself is this part of my mission, is it going to make me achieve my goal and if it's not put it away.

One of the things that I have been reading about is that, the people who are on great missions have few friends. Now, don’t go chucking your friends am just stating a fact. People who are on a great mission, have fewer friends. They are friends who are fueling the mission more and they don’t have time wasters. Brendon says, people without clarity in their lives have got more drama in their life. Have a clear mission in life.

2. Pick one thing and one thing alone.

The reason that you are distracted is if, you have 10 things going. You better do one thing extremely well than doing 10 things averagely bad. The secret is in picking one thing and being excellent at it. Look at all your role models and the people you really want to admire and find out how they have done what they have done. You will find that, they picked one thing and they went after it with excellence. They did it so well that you couldn't take your eyes off them. Then all of a sudden, they have the ability to be able to apply the principles in other industries but after they have mastered this way. Do not delusionary get yourself thinking you can do 10 things at a time. There so many great people out there who have simply lost it because of the lack of this kind of focus.

3. Say No to Everything Else.

The moment you begin to find something that you love to do and you begin on this journey somehow, the world has a way to begin to throw other things to distract you. Say no to everything. I cannot tell you how many even up until 2 years ago, I don’t know how many businesses I have tried. Opportunities have been brought to me, why? Because, all of a sudden people see the same excellence and they say, let's go to coach and see if he can sell computers or buy land and then, am getting off my mission. If you want to remain focused, say no to everything else.

Remember, you will say no and people will say, who do you think you are. But guess what, if your mission is so important to you, if your mission is engaging, exciting and it's about making a difference, you will be okay saying no to other things. And it is one of the biggest disciplines you are going to have to bring up in your life because, it makes the difference. The discipline to say no a little bit more.

4. Eliminate Distractions.

What are distractions? Everything else that takes you away from your particular mission. Do you know how many people cannot let go of their phones? Just walk around and look at people in a bar or having dinner, the distractions are crazy. That is why you find that there's so many things that are not happening as they should be because, people are so distracted. The world is so crazy right now that you have got to have the greatest distraction free environment for you to perform. It's not easy because there are all kinds of things that are creating the distractions, so many things going off.

Look at your phone and how many apps do you have. Guess what, all these things are making somebody else's money and dream come alive except yours. Every time you are focused on something and you are distracted, you have to take time to come back and focus. You lose about 1 minute every time. How about the distractions of people who just walk into your office. If your mission is important enough, you will train the other people to know that when it is time to focus, it is time to focus. You got to deal with the distractions for you to get to the next level. Have batches of 60 to 60 minutes where you are totally undistractable. For 60 minutes the phone is on silent, no internet nothing and you just concentrate on your mission. Then 30 minutes is when you break that kind of concentration, you get out, do something, take a walk, have a drink and then you come back for another 60, 60. You will achieve much more that way than if you are the kind of guy who is all over the place and you are on the phone every time. If you want to remain on course to make 2017 epic, that is something that you must do.

5. Ask the Right Questions.

It's amazing how people continuously don’t move in life because of asking the wrong questions. Tony Robbins says, the mind is a fantastic thing, you ask it damn questions it will give you damn answers, why? If you ask the wrong questions the world will give you the wrong answers. So you got to learn to ask the great questions. If you ask questions, you will come to the real essence, why it was created. Now if it is a damn situation rule is, you get rid of it. Because the world has changed so much. Some of the things they used to say that we should do where for the 60's, why? Because people were walking in a different way then, now we are working differently.

Sometimes you don’t even have to come to work, you can even perform better at home, but if somebody doesn’t ask the questions and, if you are not asking the mind the right questions like why am I not performing. Ask a different question, how can I perform better because then, the brain will come up with better answers.

6. Daily Unconditional Intention to make sure you Achieve What you WANT.

If you wake up in the morning and you don’t have the intention of what you want to achieve that day then focus becomes a problem. When you get up every day remember the routine in the morning. Mine might not be your kind of routine. You might have kids, but, I say have an intention for the day and it should be unconditional. My intention is to make sure that I serve more people every day. It is unconditional.

I don’t care what the situation is, I must serve more people every day. My intention is clear. So when I get up in the morning I will do my prayer, meditation and then journal. By the time I get out the brain is so tuned into serving. It becomes easy for me to focus. If anything else comes in I am focused.

7. Get Progressive

There is nothing as great as when you are progressing on something. It helps you to focus even more, even if it is the smallest step ahead. Note it down, why? Progression gives you momentum, it gives you a good feeling of, am on the right direction and am doing what I have to do. So, get progressive.

8. Manage Time

It's not about managing time, it's about managing yourself. It's about your self-discipline. You should be the most disciplined person to achieve your goals and this is so true when it comes to focus. You cannot manage or hold time. All you got to do is have the self-discipline to manage yourself. You got to have the self-discipline to say I am going to do this, when am going to do it and keep with it. That will help you to remain focused on your goals.

9. Have a Clean Break.

It's important to have a clean break from what you are doing to rejuvenate your mind. There is nothing as important as to rejuvenate. Eben Pagan says, there is two important things you must do for your business that is, concentrate on learning to market and sale and have the breaks. Have the time to totally break away, go for 2 weeks and just don’t think about business. Every time you come back there is a fresher way of looking at things and, you will be a much more focused productive person because of the different perspective.

Even during the day, have clean breaks where you shut down the computer, put the phone off, take a walk, have a chat or talk about something else. That clean break helps you to come back and re-enter the focus mode with a fresher mind and then you begin to do what you have to do.

10. Find Role Models who are going to help you Remain Focused.

Find role models who hold you at a higher level. Find role models who see you at a higher level and be in constant communication with them. It will take your ability to focus to another level. Find models who have not done it the right way and learn from them. There so many great people out there who have not made it simply because they didn’t focus enough, they had so many things going. I know so many guys who attempted so many things in life and at the end of the day, nothing.

Remember, it's about how important your mission is, it's about keeping on that mission and knowing that when you create that momentum, then 2017 will be an epic year and you will go on to achieve as much as you want to.







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