The 6G's that will Ensure your Success in 2017

May 18, 2017

It’s week 7 of our momentum series and I know we are rocking and rolling. Their some fundamentals that we have to continually bring to remembrance as they will ensure we get to the end of the year successfully. 


Consider the 6 G’s below;


Learn to write down what it is you have been blessed with because what you appreciate goes up and becomes bigger. Be grateful for the wins and all you go through. You will be motivated to go and do what you have to do.


In life you are either growing or dying. This year whatever you do, make sure you are growing and increasing in knowledge. Do stuff that will grow you and push you out of your comfort zone.

Game Plan.

Be clear of you want to achieve and have a game plan of how you will achieve. A real game plan separates achievers and non-achievers. Always go back to our plan to find out how much progress you are making.


Have the courage and resolve to do what you ought to do. Whatever it is, if it is humanly possible, then it is up to you to make it happen. Have the courage to say you will do something and then you do whatever it takes.

Giving Back.

Find ways to always give back and be relevant. Giving doesn’t necessarily mean money, find a way to spend time giving back.

Group Composition.

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Surround yourself with people who take you to the next level. Because the group of people you surround yourself with determine your thinking and how much you’re inspired to step up.



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The following is the full transcript of this seventh episode of the momentum series on the 6 G’s that will ensure your success this year with Coach Phill. Please note that this episode, like all the other momentum series features Coach Phill speaking extemporaneously.

This is week 7 and I know we are rocking and rolling. But, there are certain fundamentals that you must be reminded of and you have to continue doing throughout the weeks to ensure we remain on course to achieve that goal and make 2017 an epic year.

Today am going to share with you the 6 G's that will ensure that you get to the end successfully. These G’s might be things that I have said before and will repeat, but, there no new formulas out there. It’s the same stuff and sometimes, we just have to get reminded about certain things because, it's not easy out there. Sometimes you will wake up and you don’t want to do certain stuff. At times you will get a lot of rejection and you need a little bit of reminder once in a while to know that, it is part of the journey and it is what you ought to do going forward.


Here comes the 6 G's;

1. Gratitude

Gratitude is a bigger and better motivating force. In all the books we look at whichever philosophy you look at, gratitude is known as one of those things that puts you in a great state. I say to you that, one of the things that you do in your morning routines is to get up and journal. If you look at all the journaling and the books in the world that talk about success, they will always tell you to write down what you are grateful for. Write down what it is that you have been blessed with because, what you appreciate goes up and becomes bigger.

So be grateful for the journey, for what you are going through and for the wins. Remain appreciative no matter what the situation is. The best way is to be grateful. One thing that you must start with every day when you wake up is, do your journaling. Ask yourself, what you are grateful for today or if it is at the end of the day ask yourself, what you are grateful for the day. Gratitude is such a powerful force. When you are grateful you’re fearless and you are motivated to go and do what you have to do. So, let's go and be much more grateful.

2. Growth.

Without growth what is the point. In life you are either growing or dying, it is a fact of life. If this year you are doing something where you are not growing, not expanding your awareness and not expanding your knowledge base, you’re not getting better. I am saying, do some stuff that is going to grow you and get you out of your comfort zone. I said in an earlier video, your comfort zone is the direct proportion of how much you earn.

So you got to make it bigger, get out of it and in doing that, you are going to grow. If you are doing anything where you are not growing guess what, it's not going to be as exciting. Most importantly, it will be harder to get to the end and achieve your goal. So you must be growing. Whatever you are doing, you must be learning and growing.

I am growing through these videos. I am growing through everything that we are doing and am growing as a trainer. You must be growing. Whatever goal you have set for yourself in 2017, you must be getting better.

3. Game plan.

You must have a journal and you must have started from the start. Be clear about what it is you want, write it down and then break it down for example, what are you going to do and by what time. You must have a game plan in detail. One of the things that separates doers and non-doers or achievers and non-achievers is, everybody wants something and has a desire, but, the lack of a real game plan of how they are going to achieve it is always missing. And if it is missing then, you find that you get to a certain stage and you don’t know what the next step is going to be, why? You didn’t have your game plan sorted out.

So am saying, go back through the momentum series and make sure that, you have your game plan to the tip. If not, momentum live is coming up. Those of you who can come over to Kampala we are going to be rocking and rolling and one of the things we will help you to do is, to clarify the game plan. And say, this is how am going to execute, this is what am going to do in this time and this time.

The game plan is important, every week you get up, go back and ask yourself, what I was supposed to do here, look at your calendar. I hope you are going back to the calendar and finding out how much progress you are making. If you are not, guess what? 2017 will give you that October feeling. However, I know by the fact that, you are watching this particular series and you have come all the way up to now am sure you get it that, it is important. We got to get a game plan going, we got to make 2017 epic.

4. Grit.

Grit in the dictionary is having the courage and resolve, having the strength of character to do what you ought to do. If you are coming through 2107 with the same attitude of it's going to be and you are not being courageous, you are not stepping up and you are not digging deep, it's going to be hard and the story is going to be the same. I am saying, get some grit, get some courage and say whatever it is if it is humanly possible, then it is up to me to make it happen. Remember, I have told you from day one if you want something you have never done, you got to do what you have never done before. And am saying one of the things is, to have the courage to say, am going to do this, am going to do whatever it takes.

Grit is one of those strengths of character things we must have. We don’t get born with it, we got to practice it. We got to say every week, am going to do something that takes me out of my comfort zone and strengthens my character. What are those 2 to 3 things which you have to do this week, this month to build your grit because, without grit it's going to be hard. Grit gives you traction to move, to lay a foundation and to jump to the next level. Go back and ask yourself what are those 2 to 3 things that you need to confront, do you need courage to get rid of something, to go meet somebody or to sell an idea. It is through courage all of a sudden we find ourselves doing things we never thought we would do. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen, think about it.

5. Giving back.

One of the greatest things you can do for you in your life is to find time to give back, is to find ways to give back and is to find ways to be relevant. Find a way to give back and it doesn’t have to be necessarily money, find a way to spend time giving back.

If you look at all the rich guys out there do you notice they are giving back quite a bit, there is a reason why. One of the ways you are going to make sure that you’re not only going through the grit and working hard, but you are going through the journey and adventure and smelling the roses and enjoying the journey and one of the ways is to give back.

6. Group composition.

Who are you surrounding yourself with? By the way this is something that you have to review over and over again. Are you surrounding yourself with people who are taking you to the next level, who are lifting you up and encouraging you. Or who just tell you how good things are and they never challenge you or are you surrounding yourself with people who tell you the way it is. People who care about you will tell you in your face if you are not doing what you ought to do and when you have screwed up, why? They care.

So, who are you surrounding yourself with? I want to surround myself with people who take me to the next level. Right now am on a mission to get in touch with more people. The group of people you surround yourself with determines your thinking, how much you’re inspired, how much you can step up. The group of people you surround yourself determines how far you are going to go. This year, change your friends if they are into at that level. If you can't let them go then don’t hang around them so much. As simple as that. You want to go to the next level, you got to have people who take you to the next level.

In this particular module 7 I just feel that we need a little bit of reminder. We need to know that what we are keeping because without progress, without checking on our progress we might kind of lose our way. I want to remind you about some of the important things we have spoken about in the last series.

  • Pick that one goal. Why were we talking about one goal because, if you have so many of them your energies are split. You never get a chance to put energy and focus on one thing. Remember where focus goes energy goes and where energy goes you get results. Pick that one goal and work on it like crazy.

  • Right now for us is virocity and second is to come up with the most effective and amazing experiences when we do live seminars. That is what we are doing, that is what we are working on, why? That is our clarity that is our focus and that is our number one goal.

  • Self-discipline. Without it, it becomes harder. Without the self-discipline to stay on course, to stop doing what doesn’t contribute to the bigger picture. Remember self-discipline is one of those fundamental things you must work on.

  • Your Self-esteem and Confidence. What have you done to work on your self-esteem, to say am enough, it's okay, I am grounded, I am enough. One of the greatest words you can say to yourself every day, every morning is, am enough. Build your self-confidence, build your self-esteem and see how you begin to skyrocket.

  • I tell parents the best thing you can ever do for your children is, teach them to have self-esteem and confidence. Build their self-esteem and see how they flourish. It even goes beyond traditional education. But self-esteem even for you. There’s so many people out there walking around in a trance. You meet them you shake their hand, you feel there is no state/energy, why? Self-esteem and self-confidence. You want to make 2017 awesome, change your state and say, am going to make this happen.

How to Stay on Course.

  • We talked about the 3 D's, the villains. Villains that can prevent you from going to the next level. The villain of doubt, delay and differentiation where you keep yourself away from people. Have you gone and looked at that and made an action point to make sure that you are doing what you have to do. Remember the internal controls.

  • Dealing with the negativity and the negative people around you.                       

  • Why is it important? Remember, we didn’t say go get rid of them, but we gave you some strategies of how to deal with it, why? It’s important that you don’t have low energy. There is nothing that affects your ability to remain in the state of flow like negative people. One of the negative people you have to fire is yourself. If you are negative 24/7 fire the person who is negative and bring in the person who is more positive, why? That positive energy is important, it’s good for you and seriously, you must be in a good state, you must prime yourself to be able to continue on the journey of making 2017 happen, why?

  • Sometimes people spend 3 quarters of the year in a spiral of negative thoughts and then they wonder why they never hit their goals and remember, good things are attracted by a good spirit and a good calm. There are no many rich people who are unhappy if they are, they are not rich. There’s certain people who might have the money, but they’re so miserable. You wouldn’t even want their money from them. So I am saying, surround yourself with people who are happy, who have a great calmer and who give you some love.

  • Execute. Knowledge without execution is poverty. Don’t just take this stuff and go and sit down. Get up and do some work, get up and move and let's make 2017 an epic year.

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