Six Practical Steps to Having a Successful Day

June 14, 2017

Today, I want to talk to you, especially entrepreneurs, leaders, CEO’s about HOW TO HAVE A PERFECT DAY. I want to share with you some points in, how do you create a day that is a winning day. It has been said, when you win in the morning, you win for the day. The more days you win; the better life you live. The more days you win that means the more weeks you are going to be successful. The more weeks you are successful, the better you are moving to your goals. The better you are moving towards your goals; the more success you are going to create.




Here are my 6 steps to creating a great day/ winning day because, when you do this early in the morning, you are going to have a great day, you are going to produce more, you are going to move towards your goals most importantly, you are going to be successful and audacity becomes much easier.

Please get up early in the morning every day.

Or get up when you say you are going to get up. Get up when the alarm goes off because, every time you don't do that when the alarm goes off, and you press snooze, guess what? You are saying to yourself, 1. You are failing before you even start. You are sending a subconscious message that guess what? I can't even hold my own word. So you are starting off as a failure before you even start.

You will not be in state because you didn't get up when you were supposed to. You didn't do what you had to do so you sent that message to yourself subconsciously. So get up when you have to get up. I tell guys, if you have a challenge of getting up in the morning, you got to work on it, why? Most great performers get up quite early. Create a situation where it is inevitable you are going to get up. 


Always have a glass of water close by, why? The biggest part of our body is fluid. Drink a glass of water just before you get up it is recommended. The more you hydrate in the morning, the more alive you are going to feel, the more you are going to feel the body is powerful. It also helps you to get rid of toxins. Drink 1,2,3 glasses and then drink a green juice. It helps to clear your system. 

Sit down and deliberately create a great day by journaling.

I cannot emphasize this enough. Get your journal and go in and say; 1. What am I grateful for? Just be grateful. Gratitude is an amazing force. 2. What am I focusing on today? Begin to get your mind to focus. 3. What am I committed to in my life? Everyday, whatever you write down and you are committed to it, it becomes part of who you are naturally. 4. Just write down, who am I loving today. It changes your state by the way. Then you say, who loves me. Then after that, just say, today this is what I must accomplish before everything else. That's the end of your journaling.

Move, exercise.

Do something to just move. Do something to get your system moving. Do some press ups, whatever it is, just move, guess what? It is hard because it is a discipline. It is hard because some days you are going to get up and the kid was crying last night and you didn't have enough sleep but push through because, the rewards are amazing. Make sure you exercise and say you know what, let me get my body moving. By the time you get out in the morning, you are on fire, you are ready to go while some people are still waking up. 

You must always have a positive expectation of what must go on in your life.

You sit down and you say okay, things might be going wrong, which they will once in a while but, have this positive expectation that you know what, whatever happens today, am going to show up, am going to win, am going to be happy. Whatever happens today, am going to bring my A game. People who are high performers, always expect the best. Whatever is going to happen is got to be the best they can bring, why? That is the way they have set the system up, to expect the best.

After you have done some exercise and you are expecting the best, you will be surprised. All of a sudden, the outlook on life is different most important, the results will be amazing. Everywhere you go, you have this positive energy and all of a sudden, people are like, I like to work with you. They don't know why, but they just feel your power, why? You bring in a different energy because a lot of people have so much negative energy, it's unbelievable. 

Create an Environment of Success 

Create an environment that inspires you. I like to ask sometime, who do I hang out with. At my office, I have some young people I hang out with. It is important that the people who come to hang out with me inspire me, give me something to look forward to, they make me feel like you know what, yes, this is the reason I do what I have to do. When I get up in the morning, I look at the pictures of my kids and they inspire me and am like yes, this is the reason I get up to do what I have to do.

And then, I will go through my journal, I look at my vision board, I look at the pictures I have there, and I say yes, these things inspire me. Then I get up and am good to go. Once in a while, I will play some music that really inspires me. Ensure that you design an environment for success because, if you don't, somebody else will design their own onto your life and guess what, you continue building somebody else's dream rather than building your own.


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