How to Improve Your Productivity Radically

August 1, 2018







Do you want to improve your results exponentially? Do you want to scale up your performance? High achievers have certain principles and practices that they have woven into the fabric of their lives. They follow them religiously and never waiver. Becoming a high achiever doesn’t come over night! You have to consistently work hard and eventually, you will begin to see your results improve


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How to Improve Your Results Radically.


Ever wondered how to get that insane work ethic? Or, ever wondered how you could make things happen? Well, there’s a lot of people out there why say, “I want to get things done”, “I want to achieve this”, but guess what, they are not willing to put in the hard work.


Below are a few pointers that will help you improve your results radically.


Make the decision to change

You must make a personal decision that change is a must for you. Change has to happen because; change is what is required to make the difference that you need to make. It doesn’t matter what is going on around you, you can decide that enough is enough, “am tired of this brokenness, this bad life, this weight “or whatever it is.

The other meaning of the word decision is, to break off and say you are done. Make that decision today to make things better. Decide that today will be the first or last day depending on which side of the equation you are at and remember, it’s entirely up to you to make the changes that will take your life or finances or health or whatever it is to the next level.


Stop tolerating mediocrity in your life.

This is quite crucial. In order to improve your results, you must get to that level of thinking where you stop tolerating any kind of mediocrity in your life. Tony Robbins says, “In life you get what you tolerate”. If you tolerate people talking to you anyhow, that’s exactly what you’ll get in return. If you tolerate people paying for your service/product and their always bargaining & getting a lower price, that’s what you’ll get because you are tolerating it.

So, stop tolerating mediocrity, bad service, or bad work ethic from your team and stop tolerating whatever it is. Take time to sit down and ask yourself, “Were am I at? What kind of results am I getting? Because, your results will tell you what you’re tolerating. If your results are mediocre, it’s because you are tolerating mediocrity. If your health is not where it should be, it’s because you are tolerating that particular result.

So, stop tolerating bad manners, bad relationships and whatever it is. There’s another saying, “In life, people will treat you the way you allow them to”. So, what are you doing to get other people to treat you in a certain way? You want to improve your results, then stop tolerating things that do not take you to the next level.


Become positively predictable

What do I mean? There are certain things you’ll have to start doing that will give you that character of being positively predictable. Be the guy who’s positively predictable to; come on time or to get things done. When you say you promise to do something, just do it. Become positively predictable.


Prepare Insanely.

I do my coaching sessions sometimes in hotels. Yesterday I had a client in the evening. It was raining heavily and we were having a conversation. Below is our dialogue;

Client: Coach, I’ll be moving from this city to another city.

Coach: When did you make this decision?

Client: You know what, it just happened. 

Coach: Are you ready?

Client: No.

Coach: Do you know what it’s going to take you?

Client: No.

Coach: Do you know what it requires for you to survive in that place.

Client: No.

Coach: Why are you actually doing it?

Client: I am just fade up.


Well, if you’re not the kind of person who prepares insanely then, chances are, without preparation, failure is a little closer. Be the kind of guy who prepares for whatever you are going into.

There is a saying, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”. Guess what; always ask yourself, “How do I prepare insanely, what am I going to do this week, how am I going to prepare myself mentally, physically or emotionally, am I doing whatever it takes to be in a position to deliver what I need to deliver?  

Please note that, your dreams cannot come true if you don’t prepare for them or do whatever it takes now to make sure they happen.


You must have clarity.

You have to be very clear. Pick a niche and be very clear where your significance is going to be. Whether you’ll be the guy who’s known for marketing or for being the greatest player and whatever it is, I don’t care. Just pick it and then go insane in the work ethic and in what you have to do.

If other people are doing twenty calls, you do forty. If other people are visiting ten clients every day, you visit twenty five.  If other people are putting in twelve hours, you put in fifteen hours. Why? That is what it takes if you’re going to ever be recognized as an expert in that area.

Now, guess what? When you get to that level of being recognized as an expert, you start to attract juicy deals, the right attention, clients and that is what life is about. First, pick a niche and go insane about what you have to do. If you have picked a goal for example, “I want to be the best cobbler in town”, then go be the best cobbler by sowing the best shoes and doing whatever it takes to be recognized as the expert.


Get the do it now mentality

Get this mentality in you of, “do it now” mentality. For example, let’s say you discuss something. If you can do it now, go ahead and do it now. Do not postpone what you could do today for tomorrow. Why? There’s no time for you to do it tomorrow so, do it now.


Find a crazy running mate.

This is very important. Get a mentor who’s a little bit crazy. Why do they have to be crazy? Well, they have to be people who will cheer you on when you’re doing well and also, they will give it to you straight in your face when you’re not doing what you have to do. They got to be people who’ll look you straight in the face and say, “that was crap” or, they’ll be the kind of people when they are cheering you up, they say, “Well done, that was awesome. You are the best”.


There you go, seven points on how you can turn around your result, create better results, improve your work ethic and move towards your goal much quicker and faster.


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